How to Share ChatGPT Shared Links

How to Share ChatGPT Shared Links, recently, OpenAI announced a new feature on how to conversations link is shared.

Shared links are a new feature that allow users to generate a unique URL for a ChatGPT conversation, which can then be shared with friends, colleagues, and collaborators. Shared links offer a new way for users to share their ChatGPT conversations, replacing the old and burdensome method of sharing screenshots.

How to Share ChatGPT Shared Links

With shared links, users can let others see – and continue – interesting, funny, or insightful exchanges with ChatGPT.

Where can I find shared links?

“We are turning on shared links for users on a rolling basis. Shared links are currently available only on our website, They are not yet available on our iOS app“.

Hover over a chat:

How to Share ChatGPT Shared Links

How to Share ChatGPT Shared Links?

Hover over a chat and click on the share link

You’ll be able to preview the conversation snapshot you’re about to send

Then you have the option to share with your name or anonymously by clicking the three dots

You can share your name by clicking the three dots and just click “Share your name

Once you click “Share your name” it will appear in the shared link preview

If you want to not include your name click the three dots again

Then click “Share anonymously” to remove your name to update the preview to look like this

When you’re ready you can click the green button to copy the link to share it.

To save you need to click the green button that says “Update and Copy Link”

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