WhatsApp Introduces Instant Video Messages

WhatsApp Introduces Instant Video Messages, WhatsApp today announced the launch of a new feature that allows users to send and receive short video messages in their chats. The new feature, called “Instant Video Messages,” is similar to voice messages, but with video.

To send an instant video message, simply tap the video camera icon in the chat window and hold down the record button. You can also swipe up to lock and record hands-free. Videos will play automatically on mute when opened in a chat, and tapping on the video will start the sound.

WhatsApp Introduces Instant Video Messages
Source: WhatsApp

Instant video messages are a great way to share moments in real time with your friends and family. Whether you’re wishing someone a happy birthday, sharing a funny video, or just checking in, instant video messages are a fun and convenient way to stay connected.

WhatsApp Introduces Instant Video Messages

Here are some of the key features of instant video messages:

  • Up to 60 seconds long: Instant video messages can be up to 60 seconds long, so you can share longer clips than you can with voice messages.
  • Auto-play on mute: Instant video messages will automatically play on mute when opened in a chat. This is a great way to share videos without disturbing others.
  • End-to-end encryption: Instant video messages are protected with end-to-end encryption, so you can be sure that your messages are secure.

Instant video messages are rolling out to WhatsApp users starting today. If you don’t see the feature yet, don’t worry, it will be available to you soon.

To learn more about instant video messages, visit the WhatsApp blog:

How to use instant video messages

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat with the person you want to send a video message to.
  2. Tap the video camera icon in the chat window.
  3. Hold down the record button to start recording your video message.
  4. Release the record button when you’re finished recording.
  5. Tap the send button to send your video message.

Tips for using instant video messages

  • Keep your video messages short and sweet.
  • Use a good lighting source.
  • Speak clearly and loudly.
  • Avoid background noise.

Have fun with instant video messages!

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