Twitter is Scrapping Video view Count Metrics

Twitter is Scrapping Video view Count Metrics,

The view count stats for videos have been removed by Twitter. Users initially observed this shift in May 2023, and Twitter later verified it. The corporation has not provided a justification for the modification, however some scenarios include:

  1. help lessen the burden on producers to deliver effective videos.
  2. to prevent users from manipulating the system by inflating their view numbers.
  3. should concentrate on other KPIs, like as reach and engagement.

Twitter is Scrapping Video view Count Metrics

Reactions to the elimination of view count measures have been conflicting. Some people think the shift is good because it will ease the burden on creators and increase everyone’s enjoyment of the platform. Others think the adjustment is detrimental since it will make it more, both producers and advertisers find it challenging to target their adverts and gauge the performance of their videos.

How the elimination of view count data will effect Twitter remains to be seen. It is obvious that this is a substantial development that will significantly affect how videos are used on the site, though.

In addition to the reasons already discussed, it’s also plausible that Twitter is getting rid of view count data to compete with TikTok. Although TikTok does not display video view statistics, it has been incredibly effective in drawing users and marketers. Twitter may be attempting to draw users who are searching for a platform that is less focused on stats and more focused on sharing and enjoying content by getting rid of view counts.

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