Cinemin: The Easy Way to Create Stunning Animated Visuals

Cinemin: The Easy Way to Create Stunning Animated Visuals. It is a mobile app from Tinrocket that allows you to create animated loops and cinemagraphs. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

Cinemin uses a technique called procedural animation to create its loops. This means that the app generates the animation steps itself, rather than using pre-recorded footage. This allows for a wider variety of animations, and makes it possible to create animations that are impossible to create with traditional animation techniques.

Cinemin: The Easy Way to Create Stunning Animated Visuals

Cinemin: The Easy Way to Create Stunning Animated Visuals

The Cinemin app is free to download, but there is a premium subscription that unlocks additional features.

Cinemin doesn’t employ the practice of creating images through Generative AI by learning from online examples, which frequently occurs without obtaining the artist’s permission or using their artwork for training.

Cinemin was brought to life by teaching it to perceive like an artist, sculpting elegant algorithms with technical expertise, and refining the results to achieve a breathtaking visual appeal!

Some of the images made with Cinemin

Source: Tinrocket

Inspired by traditional animation art and films, Cinemin opens a mirror world filled with beautiful line, color, and motion. Capture still images and full-motion video, or import items from your Photo Library. Fine-tune your adjustments and export video up to 4K.”

According to Techcrunch, the founder of Tinrocket, John Balestrieri said via email that, “For the past 20+ years, I’ve used computer graphics to explore art and vision. Each of my apps (Percolator, Waterlogue, Cinemin, etc.) focuses on some visual or aesthetic principles grounded in the human visual system backed by hundreds of years of art tradition,”

For more enquiry about Cinemin, visit their website HERE or  Check out their FAQs or contact our support team directly.

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