A Guide to Utilizing Microsoft’s Nearby Share Feature

In this article, we are going walk you through on the Guide to Utilizing Microsoft’s Nearby Share Feature, Windows 11 introduces an exciting feature called Nearby Share, designed to streamline the process of sharing files, links, and various content among devices in close proximity. Leveraging the power of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, Nearby Share ensures a secure connection between your devices, alleviating any concerns about data security.

A Guide to Utilizing Microsoft's Nearby Share Feature

A Guide to Utilizing Microsoft’s Nearby Share Feature

To make the most of Nearby Share, you’ll need to ensure both devices are powered on and equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. On your Windows 11 PC, navigate to the Settings application and access the “Nearby sharing” section under System settings. Ensure that the toggle switch is in the ‘on’ position and that you’re set to share with “Everyone nearby.”

On the device to which you wish to share content, simply open the file or content you intend to share and look for the ‘share’ button, typically represented by either three dots or a paper airplane icon. Click on this button and select “Nearby Share.”

How to Use Nearby Share by Microsoft

Your PC will then appear in the list of nearby devices. Choose your PC from the list, and the file or content will be effortlessly shared.

Here are some key points to remember when utilizing Nearby Share:

  • Devices should be within approximately 100 feet of each other.
  • Both devices must be running the same version of Windows 11.
  • When sharing a file, ensure it’s below the 100MB size limit.
  • Both devices should be on the same network.
  • The transfer rates can be on the slower side if files are sent via Bluetooth.

Nearby Share stands as a convenient and secure method for promptly exchanging files and content with nearby devices. It simplifies the process of sharing essential items with the individuals you choose.

For added convenience, consider the following tips when using Nearby Share:

  • Modify the storage location for received files by heading to Settings > System > Nearby sharing and selecting “Change” beneath “Save files I receive to.”
  • If you prefer not to share with everyone in close proximity, tailor your sharing preferences to include only your own devices or specific individuals. This can be adjusted in Settings > System > Nearby sharing.
  • Additionally, you can harness Nearby Share to transfer files from your PC to your mobile device. Achieve this by installing the Nearby Share app from the Microsoft Store on your smartphone.

A Guide to Utilizing Microsoft’s Nearby Share Feature

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