Google’s Bard Improves in Logic and Reasoning

According to a blog post published today by the tech giant, Google’s Bard Improves in Logic and Reasoning. Thanks to the technique of “implicit code execution,” Bard’s improvement is now focused on math, string manipulation and coding. Also, it has a new export action to Google Sheets.

Google's Bard Improves in Logic and Reasoning

The technique for code execution helps Bard detect computational prompts and run code in the background. As a result, it can respond more accurately to mathematical tasks, coding questions and string manipulation prompts. So Bard will get better at answering prompts like:

  • What are the prime factors of 15683615?
  • Calculate the growth rate of my savings
  • Reverse the word “Lollipop” for me

Google’s Bard Improves in Logic and Reasoning

“Even with these improvements, Bard won’t always get it right — for example, Bard might not generate code to help the prompt response, the code it generates might be wrong or Bard may not include the executed code in its response,” Bard product lead Jack Krawczyk and VP of engineering Amarnag Subramanya wrote in the blog post. “With all that said, this improved ability to respond with structured, logic-driven capabilities is an important step toward making Bard even more helpful.”

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