Google Integrates Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom into Android Auto

Google Integrates Cisco, Microsoft and Zoom into Android Auto.

Google said on Wednesday that it is collaborating with Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom to integrate conferencing into automobiles through Android Auto, a function that would deter people from trying to drive while holding their phone on their sit and running a video conference.

The number of vehicles using Android Auto to access apps is rapidly increasing, according to Google. To give you an indication of how many people will use Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to interact while on the go, the business anticipates that by the end of the year, over 200 million vehicles will be connected to Android Auto.

Google Integrates Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom into Android Auto

Cisco’s WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom apps for Android smartphones will soon support conferencing through their car center display and as a result, drivers will be able to navigate.

At its I/O event on Wednesday, Google also revealed that starting with Polestar vehicles in the coming weeks, YouTube will be accessible in all cars with Google built-in.

Google disclosed collaborations with Mercedes and Volvo. It should be noted that the Mercedes agreement differs slightly from this wider offer. Mercedes has defined it as a licensing arrangement that will allow future Mercedes-Benz automobiles equipped with the automaker’s next-generation operating system, known as MB OS, to use the Google Maps platform, Cloud, and YouTube.

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