Generative AI platform from Google is now accessible to all Users

The Generative AI platform from Google is now accessible to all users.

Google Cloud has officially launched generative AI services through Vertex AI, their machine learning platform as a service (ML PaaS) solution. The general availability of this service allows businesses and organizations to seamlessly incorporate the platform’s capabilities into their applications.

Generative AI platform from Google is now accessible to all Users
June Yang (VP, Cloud AI & Industry Solutions) stated that in the blog, “Today, we’re excited to announce general availability of Generative AI support on Vertex AI, giving customers access to our latest platform capabilities for building and powering custom generative AI applications.”

Generative AI platform from Google is now accessible to all Users

This update enables developers to utilize various powerful features within Vertex AI. These include accessing our text model powered by PaLM 2, employing the Embeddings API for text, and utilizing other foundational models available in Model Garden. Additionally, developers can leverage the user-friendly tools provided in Generative AI Studio for model tuning and deployment. With enterprise-grade data governance, security, and safety features as a foundation, Vertex AI simplifies customer access to foundational models, enables customization with their own data, and facilitates the rapid development of generative AI applications.

Google’s Model Garden provides customers with access to a wide range of foundation models, with over 60 currently available and more to come. They have made Model Garden, PaLM 2, and Embeddings API for text generally available, and are offering a public preview of the recently-announced Codey model for code completion, generation, and chat.

Vertex AI, in addition to its foundation models, offers a comprehensive set of tools to assist developers in fine-tuning, deploying, and governing models in production. They introduced Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) in May, becoming the first enterprise ML platform to do so. This feature enhances model usefulness while reducing costs. Vertex AI has also upgraded its MLOps tools to support the management of large models.

With the general availability of Generative AI Studio, customers gain access to an expanded range of tools, including multiple tuning methods for large models. These tools significantly accelerate the development of customized generative AI applications.

Cloud service providers are vying for dominance in the field of Generative AI, which enables the generation of new content through machine learning. This competition offers customers a range of platforms to choose from. Microsoft, in particular, is positioning itself as a frontrunner in this realm through strategic partnerships with OpenAI and substantial investments. Meanwhile, Google’s recent announcement of the general availability of its own generative AI platform further expands the options available to customers, empowering them to select the most suitable solution for their unique business requirements.

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