Complete Guide to Obtaining an e-CRVS Certificate in Nigeria

Complete Guide to Obtaining an e-CRVS Certificate in Nigeria. In today’s world, reliable proof of identity is more crucial than ever. For Nigerians, having an accurate and up-to-date National Identity Number (NIN) is essential for accessing a vast array of services, from opening bank accounts and obtaining loans to applying for travel documents and accessing government benefits. But what if your NIN doesn’t reflect your correct date of birth? Fortunately, the National Population Commission (NPC) now offers a secure and efficient way to rectify any discrepancies through the e-CRVS certificate. This digital document serves as official proof of your birthdate and plays a pivotal role in updating your NIN details. So, whether you’re seeking to correct a minor error or address a significant discrepancy, here’s your comprehensive guide on obtaining an e-CRVS certificate in Nigeria:

Complete Guide to Obtaining an e-CRVS Certificate in Nigeria

1. Visit a Designated NPC Registration Centre:

  • Locate the nearest NPC registration centre in your state or local government area. You can find a list of centres on the NPC website or by contacting their hotline.

2. Gather Required Documents:

  • For Birth Registration:
    • Parents’ National Identity Cards (NINs)
    • Child’s birth notification card (if available)
    • Evidence of payment of the registration fee (N450)
  • For Other Vital Events (Death, Marriage, Divorce):
    • Evidence of the vital event (e.g., death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree)
    • NINs of relevant individuals
    • Payment receipt

3. Complete Application Form:

  • Fill out the e-CRVS application form accurately, providing all necessary details.

4. Submit Documents and Provide Biometrics:

  • Present your documents to the NPC official for verification.
  • Provide your fingerprints and have your photograph taken for digital capturing.

5. Pay the Registration Fee:

  • Pay the applicable registration fee for birth registration, or for other vital events) using cash or a POS machine at the centre.

6. Receive Temporary Acknowledgment Slip:

  • You’ll be issued a temporary acknowledgment slip as proof of registration.

7. Await SMS Notification and Collect e-CRVS Certificate:

  • Within a few weeks, you’ll receive an SMS notification from NPC confirming the issuance of your e-CRVS certificate.
  • Return to the registration centre with your temporary slip and SMS notification to collect your printed e-CRVS certificate.

Additional Tips:

  • You can also initiate the registration process online through the NPC website, but you’ll still need to visit a centre for biometric capture and finalization.
  • For those born before the e-CRVS system, you can apply for retrospective registration to obtain your e-CRVS certificate.
  • Keep your e-CRVS certificate safe and secure, as it serves as official proof of your vital events.


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